If we go back in time through Omeath’s history we will see how the sea has played such an important part in so many local peoples lives. Many went on to become sailors on far away distant shores, others became fishermen, others ran small cargo boats which were used to ferry goods and livestock between Omeath and Warrenpoint. Some ran small row boats to ferry passengers across the lough. Many owned private boats for their own private use. Often they used them for a quiet pleasure trip up and down the Lough. For many these little boats were a way of life, it was how you earned your bread and butter trying to make a shilling to keep the family going. a tough life indeed out in all weathers. If you go back as far as 1911 census we can see the beautiful names these boats were given by their owners. Have a look at some of the small examples of the names plus their owners.

Name:                          Owner:

Flower, Blue Maid    William Kelly

Daisy                            Peter Maguire

Flirt                               John Hardy

Mary Anne                  Owen O’Hagan

Minnie, Lily                 Peter O’Hanlon

Rose in Bloom,Anne, Kate   Stephen Small

Maggie                           Michael Hardy

Brigela, North Star        Richard Fegan

Lena                               Thomas Anderson

Bonnie Bella                Patrick McCarthy

Lucy                                Thomas Holland

Lively                             Oliver McKeown

Sea gull ( old customs boat) bought by Joe O’Hagan


Three piloting boats were as follows:

Quickstep                       Alexander Parks

Shamrock                        James O’Hanlon

Peep of Day                    James Anderson

Credit and thanks to Omeath Historical Society.