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Welcome to Omeath Biodiversity, created by Omeath District Development to identify, protect and promote the diverse species of plants, animals, birds, wildlife, fauna and flora of the area, and to promote environmental awareness and practices in our Community.

We hope this will be a platform for the Community to share knowledge, their photographs, ideas and projects that will promote and protect our environment for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Under our remit we work in partnership with Omeath Tidy Towns on strategic plans, and have successfully worked in collaboration on a number of recreational and aesthetic enhancements for the village.

Biodiversity Christmas Newsletter 2023

It has been a busy year for our Biodiversity programmes here in the Dolmen Centre, Omeath. Have a look at our Christmas Newsletter and check out our 2023 Highlights & future projects for 2024. 

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Bat Walk Along Our Local Greenway

Bat Talk & Assessment Of Our Native Bats

A Bat Assessment Of Omeath

For Omeath District Development CLG
Dolmen Centre, Omeath, Co Louth.

By Donna Mullen M.P.P.M and Brian Keeley BSc Hons

Date of survey May 2023

Juanita Browne
Illustrated by: Barry Reynolds

The booklet below produced by Laois County Council plays a key role in promoting
heritage awareness, developing policy and providing advice
and information on local as well as national heritage issues, with Gardening for biodiversity.

A Kick Sampling Water Study In The Ryland River Omeath

Kick Sampling in rivers is a technique used to evaluate the water quality of a river by examine species diversity and invertebrates in a river bed by disturbing the river sediment of a flowing river and identifying species by using a fine mesh net.
Examples of invertebrates thay were being looked for in the kick sampling study were dragonfly, mayfly, water beatles, fly lava and chalcid wasps and from the sample analysis the quality of the river can be determined.

Community Biodiversity

This Community Biodiversity Action Plan has been created with a grant from The Community Foundation for Ireland (CFI) Environment and Nature Biodiversity programme. Omeath District Development CLG were successful with their grant application to Community Foundation Ireland. They partnered with Simon Barron, an Ecologist with BEC Consultants Ltd, for this project to bring together the plan since 2019. 
The Community Biodiversity Action Plan (CBAP) for Omeath is intended to work towards the promotion and celebration of biodiversity within the village and the surrounding area and to provide a plan by which the biodiversity can be enhanced. It was therefore important that all of the Omeath area be covered by the CBAP. 

Bio Garden Dolmen Centre Omeath

Community Orchard Planting

Gallery Of Native Irish Birds