Sailors of Omeath. Many of them had leading roles to play on the high seas. One of these was James Morton of ‘Hillside’ Drummullagh. He became chief petty officer on the ‘Ark Royal’ a large merchant navy ship, we believe he was also asked back by the navy during the second world war to train new sailors. living also in Drummullagh we had Captain William Bailey living in a cottage by the sea named ‘Beach Combe’ He was a chief engineer on the ‘Queen Mary’ Also we had gentleman first name unsure of , second name O’Hanlon of LisLea whose ship was torpedoed in World war 2.We believe he survived for many days adrift on a raft at sea. It is nice to remember these men and their names as each and every trip to sea they were risking their lives. The people of omeath should be proud.

List of Sailors Divided into townlands


Anderson Bobby

Robert Anderson

Connolly Laurence

Alcorn Joseph

Alcorn William

Morgan Sean

Culen Charlie

Connolly Lee

Connolly Brian

Browne Jim

Freeman Norman

Bruen John McCort Hugh

Norton James

Norton William

Parkes William

Molloy Pat 

Boyle Michael

Quinn Tommy

Quinn Malachy

Holland christy

Holland Joe

Holland Jack

Holland Kevin

Rafferty Paddy

Quinn James


Boyle Richard

Bell Michael

Quinn Patrick 

Quinn David

Fearon James

Dowling Nobby

Boyle Thomas

Boyle Lee

Boyle John

Boyle William

O’Hanlon Lee

O’Hanlon Frank


Smith James

Smith Pete

Fearon Paddy

Elmore Vincent

Mateer John

Irwin William


McQuaid Seamus

Conlon Eugene

McBride Mattie

Major Alex

Boyle Bernard

Fearon James

O’Hanlon Edward (snr)


McGivern Thomas

Ward Phelim

Ward Stephen

Ward Phil

McQuaid Mick

Ward Jimmy

Kane Peter


Boyle James

Credit and thanks to Omeath Historical Society.