Lorcan had a boat and used this to do trading with other countries.  During a trip to Spain, Lorcan saved a Spanish lady and her daughter on their yacht. The Spanish woman held a banquet in honor of Lorcan.  Cauthleen and Lorcan fell in love, but Cauthleens father wasn’t happy because she was engaged to a nobleman.
Cauthleen agreed with Lorcan to go to Ireland with him. The couple met in secret and went back to Ireland. When they got to Omeath, Lorcan took Cauthleen to the mountain and showed her the land he owned. Cauthleen was so shocked that she fell and suffered a heartattack.  Lorcan loved her so much that he jumped into Aennagh bog and killed himself.  The local people looked for the couple and found Cauthleen, they made a grave and each person put a stone on it. They didn’t find Lorcan dead or alive. Here she sleeps today, in the hollow of her disappointment and unfilled promises, known as the Long Woman’s Grave, and this can still be seen in the mountains overlooking Omeath today.