To honour St Brigid and Celebrate Brigid 1500 we have decorated the Dolmen Centre as part of the #brigid1500 Window Decoration Scheme.

Not only have we created a larger-than-life portrait of St Brigid, (Our Female patron Saint of Midwives, Newborn Babies, Irish Nuns, Fugitives, Blacksmiths, Sailors, Farmers and Scholars) we have also created an array of symbols and emblems associated with her to decorate the Centre and celebrate the Woman, her life and her legacy.

Within our decorative scheme we have included her most familiar symbol the St. Brigid’s Cross, the reeds that Brigid wove to symbolise a cross of faith to convert a Pagan Lord on his death bed and an oak tree – as it was under an Oak Tree in Co Kildare in the 5th Century she founded her famous double monastery.

A lesser-known symbol, but no-less beautiful, is the St. Brigid’s Flower (Anemone Coronaria St. Brigid). We decorated our replica Oak trees with delicate handmade Anemone flowers, with each colour associated with the five historical former provinces of Ireland, Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Tara.

We would like to thank Louth County Council for their support in this scheme, our resident artist here in the Dolmen Ray Hunt and his colleagues and finally wish you all La Fheile Bride Shona..