We are delighted to announce that Jenkinstown Pharmacy is the first in Ireland to now offer Personalised Nutrition via the international multi-award winning Vitcheck Assessment.

John and the team have been working for the past year with his long-term business colleague, Pharmacist & Founder of Vitcheck Personalised Nutrition, Mike Wakeman to integrate this unique & evidence based tool into the pharmacy.

John and Mike have worked together within the field of pharmacy and nutrition for the past 20 years with the same ethos to deliver a leading quality of care within pharmacy and ensuring to deliver real science in nutrition as a fundamental.

Vitcheck is an online assessment which is completely free to use and provides instant evidence-based results within minutes.

It assesses the culminative impacts that lifestyle, life-stage, diet and medication have on your nutrient status to provide you with a personalised report of which nutrients and vitamins your body may need.

Alongside this John has now launched own range of supplements!!

These are the recommended products from the Vitcheck Assessment and are available instore & online in eco-friendly pouches for delivery or click and collect from Jenkinstown Pharmacy!

Click the link or visit the Jenkinstown Pharmacy website to try the free Vitcheck assessment tool and see which Vitamins your body might need!