Call for volunters: Cadgers’ Pad Sat 6th

Ever since we rediscovered the original Cadgers’ Pad about ten years ago we have tried to mark it clearly. We painted little fish on the rocks several times but wind and rain got rid of them. We hammered little wooden markers into the ground but the sheep got rid of them by using them as scratching posts. Now thanks to Omeath District Development we have got something more substantial that is in keeping with the landscape – light 4-foot fenceposts. These will be sledgehammered deep enough to withstand scratchers, within sight of each other from the gate at Tullagh up to Iomaire Fada, the ridge at the top of the Molly Wee.

We meet at Tullagh Bridge at 1:30pm Saturday 6th November. We should have a sheepfarmer’s quad which will carry the heavy stuff including me, because only myself and Andrew McGuinness know just where to put the posts. Come along for the walk and the craic and we can have a talk about how to make the Cadgers’ Pad walk an annual event to mark the great turnout we had on 19th June to make the video. If you haven’t seen it yet, go to this link.