On behalf of Omeath District Development we would like you to join us and local Historian Seamus Murphy to take a look at OMEATH THROUGH THE CENTURIES.
A one-hour Zoom tour of life on the lough shore through 80 centuries
Monday 15th March 2021, 7:30PM
Zoom codes will be posted later in the week. Please follow us on our Facebook page for updates.
This is what the very first inhabitants of Omeath may have looked like. In 2015 a team of archaeologists checked out the proposed site for the Narrowwater bridge at Ferry Wood and found evidence of a Stone-age settlement from before 6000 BC (The very earliest traces of human settlement in Ireland date to around 7500 BC). These were hunter-gatherers who mainly combed the shore for shellfish, but they also hunted deer and cooked them in communal pits like the one found on the mountainside near McStay’s Wood.